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What are the best methods for Teaching Children to Brush Their Teeth?

Posted on 1/23/2023 by Fern Creek Dentistry
What are the best methods for Teaching Children to Brush Their Teeth?As a parent, you have to take an active role when it comes to your children's oral health. There are some things that you can compromise on, such as the length of hair they can keep, and if they want to keep their rugged pants with ripped areas around the knees, you can chalk it as the unique fashion tastes of the young generation. However, when it comes to dental matters, there should be no discussion, and you have to instill the best oral hygiene routine from the time they are young. This will be important as they grow up, and they will be able to prevent oral health problems caused by poor oral hygiene standards.

Because they are young, you have to be creative in the method you use to teach the best oral hygiene care such as brushing their teeth.

Make brushing fun

Young children are not like young adults or teens, who you can talk to and convince them of the importance of brushing teeth. Some children can refuse to brush their teeth no matter what you tell them. Therefore, you have to devise a way to make it fun, and in this way, they can take part in brushing teeth.

Be the leader

Children love to copy what their parents do and you can use this to your advantage. make sure to brush your teeth and they will follow suit. You can even take it a notch higher and let them brush your teeth, while at the same time making funny noises and face gestures.

Sing and Brush

When brushing, introduce some music that will add an element of fun. Your children will love it when it is time to brush their teeth.

Play games

It can be a fun time brushing teeth when you introduce some kid games to the whole activity. For instance, you can have a stuffed animal, which your child can pretend to brush its teeth, as you brush theirs.

You can also bring your child to our offices for a dental checkup. There is a kids section where you can also learn the best dental practices for children from our team of experts.
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