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When Should You See An Oral Surgeon For Facial Trauma

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Fern Creek Dentistry
When Should You See An Oral Surgeon For Facial TraumaWhen we talk about "facial trauma," we are referring to everything from a little cut or bruise to a more severe injury like a broken bone. Most facial injuries are treated by dentists or family doctors. However, in some instances, medical attention from an oral surgeon may be required.

If you've suffered face damage, especially to the teeth or jaw, you should probably see an oral surgeon. Some common examples are lost teeth, shattered teeth, and jaw fractures. An oral surgeon has extensive expertise and education in the field of oral surgery and can effectively treat such injuries.

If you've sustained serious soft tissue damage to the face, an oral surgeon should be consulted. Injuries to the lips, cheeks, and other oral soft tissues are possible. An oral surgeon has the training to heal these injuries, and their work can often reduce visible scarring and restore a more natural appearance to the area.

Facial Trauma Can Cause Swelling

In addition, if the facial trauma has caused severe facial swelling, it may be necessary to consult an oral surgeon. If the injury has caused bleeding or fluid to accumulate in the face, this may happen. In order to prevent consequences like airway obstruction, an oral surgeon can treat the swelling.

Getting prompt medical assistance is essential if you have experienced face injuries. A dentist or family doctor can usually handle the situation. Nonetheless, an oral surgeon should be consulted for specialized treatment if the teeth, jaw, or major soft tissue are affected.

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