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The Impact Of Climate Change On Dental Health And Hygiene

Posted on 7/10/2023 by Fern Creek Dentistry
The Impact Of Climate Change On Dental Health And HygieneThe upcoming global issue of climate change has far-reaching effects on many facets of human existence. Its products are far-reaching, touching everything from increasing temperatures to severe weather occurrences and oral health. Let's go deep into the climate change sphere and investigate how it's altering our oral health.

How Has Climate Change Impacted Dental Health And Hygiene?

Increasing temperatures and a possible alteration in weather patterns may affect people's dental health. Extreme heat and humidity may cause dehydration, which causes dry mouth. The pH of your mouth and the condition of your teeth depends heavily on the saliva you produce. The danger of cavities and gum disease increases when saliva production is diminished. Staying hydrated and using sugar-free gum or saliva replacements might help alleviate dry mouth symptoms.

Second, climate change helps spread unwanted pests and illnesses. Dengue fever and malaria are only two examples of vector-borne diseases that are expanding to new areas and might impact oral hygiene. Ulcers and bleeding gums are only two oral symptoms that may result from a mosquito-borne illness. Knowing about current illness epidemics and taking preventative measures is crucial.

Oral allergies may be made worse by climate change, which can lead to a rise in the number of plants that trigger an allergic reaction. Lip, tongue, throat swelling, and ulcers are just some of the oral symptoms that may result from an allergic response to pollen from specific plants. People allergic to anything should be on the lookout and talk to their doctors about how to handle their condition.

In conclusion, the effects of climate change are not limited to Earth and extend to other realms, including the state of our oral health. Let us acknowledge the interdependence of our world and put sustainable habits at the forefront to preserve our joy for future generations.

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