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What to Do if an Adult Tooth Never Fully Comes In

Posted on 11/20/2019 by Fern Creek Dentistry
What to Do if an Adult Tooth Never Fully Comes InMost of us lose all of our baby teeth after about a decade of life, and each is dutifully replaced with our adult, or permanent, teeth. But, for some, the second step in that process isn't so simple.

Baby teeth are only meant to last about a decade, but if there are no permanent teeth to replace them, these teeth may have to overextend themselves. While some people's baby teeth are up to the task, others may have issues. The baby tooth may fall out in time, leaving a space.

While there is no inherent health risk to a missing adult tooth, many people find this situation troubling. We want to provide our patients with information, and options.

Why Might an Adult Tooth Be Missing?

Tooth agenesis (“teeth not born”) is the name given to a set of congenital defects causing a lack of tooth growth. The formation of teeth in humans is as complex as the formation of any other part of our body. Taking place on the molecular level, the process involves an intricate sequence of genetic signals.

Sometimes, wires are crossed, signals are misinterpreted, and this leads to aberrations in the development of teeth. Still, don't worry, and don't feel peculiar; about 20% of adults are congenitally missing at least one tooth.

What Can I Do?
If your adult tooth never fully grew in, it is best to visit our office for an assessment. In children, orthodontics may help to bridge gaps between missing teeth. This may also be an option for adults. If your baby tooth is still in, our dentists will monitor the health of the tooth, and consult with you about your options for future care. If you have a bothersome gap, there are various options, such as bridges, or implants. Even the most severe cases can be remedied with our help. Call and schedule an appointment today for an evaluation!
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