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Understanding the Problems with Having Impacted Teeth

Posted on 1/30/2020 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Understanding the Problems with Having Impacted TeethMost times impacted teeth give out no apparent symptoms and are discovered only when someone goes for a routine X-ray at the dentist's office.

Nevertheless, what exactly is it? An impacted tooth is a tooth that, due to some apparent reason, has been blocked from being able to break through the gum. Sometimes, partially impacted teeth occur, too, which means it has begun to break through but could not finish.

When your mouth does not have enough space due to some genetic reason or orthodontic treatment, a developing tooth is prone to be impacted. Wisdom teeth, being the last teeth to grow, are most typically impacted. The jaws have often stopped growing by the time wisdom teeth decide to come in. People with small jaws are more likely to suffer from impacted teeth.

What are some of the Symptoms?

In some cases, you may not experience any symptoms, but in some, red, swollen, and bleeding gums are possible. You may also suffer from bad breath and experience difficulty opening your mouth. In some cases, you may have a bad taste in your mouth. Pain, when chewing, biting, or opening your mouth, can also occur. These symptoms may come and go over weeks or even months.

How Complicated Can Things Get?

Fully impacted teeth never get to break through the gums, making it next to impossible to clean and care for them. If you have partially impacted teeth, they will be more challenging to clean. This may cause a range of dental problems to occur, including cavities, infection, decay, gum disease, cysts, and crowding. An impacted tooth can end up damaging the other teeth surrounding it.

How to Treat an Impacted Tooth

You cannot prevent a tooth impaction from occurring. You should come and visit us if you suspect that you have an impacted tooth. We can take an X-ray of your mouth or examine your teeth to determine if an impacted tooth is the source of your symptoms. If an impacted tooth is not causing any symptoms, we can suggest waiting and seeing what will happen while keeping a close eye through regular checkups.

We may use eruption aids to help the tooth to erupt well. This may include brackets, braces, or extraction of baby teeth that might be blocking the impacted tooth. If an impacted tooth is causing pain and other side effects, an extraction surgery is recommended.

If your impacted tooth is affecting the surrounding ones, surgery is also recommended. However, it is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can go back home the same day. Having regular dental checkups with us from an early age can help us identify impacted teeth early and offer effective treatment plans.
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