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Things You Can Do to Help Reduce Jaw Pain

Posted on 3/30/2020 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Things You Can Do to Help Reduce Jaw PainWe frequently have patients that come to us presenting with pain in their jaw. You can develop jaw pain for a variety of reasons, but the most common is from temporomandibular joint syndrome or TMJ.

The TMJ joint is located at the point where your upper and lower jaws meet. The joint acts like a hinge and is what allows your mouth to open, close, move to the left, and move to the right. It is like a hinge on a door. When you chew food, the joint allows you to open your mouth wide enough to get that beef sandwich or sub into your mouth.

Some people have their first clue that there is a problem when they try to open their mouths to bite that fat sandwich and feel pain in the joint as they open it. Sometimes you can simply move it around a little and it will behave correctly and allow you to eat without pain. But other times it won't. When you have pain where your upper and lower jaw meet when you chew your food, it is time to call us. In the meantime, you can take action to minimize the pain.

What Helps the Pain?

First, you should try to avoid quick motions of your jaw. Slowly open it if you are eating something oversized or cut your food into smaller pieces. If you have a lot of pain when you are chewing, change your diet and try to eat foods that are softer and need less chewing like sausage patties as opposed to sausage links.

Try to avoid foods that require your jaw to stretch open wider. You can use an ice pack if you experience pain even when you are not chewing. It will reduce any swelling. Another thing you can try is gentle massage in the area where your upper and lower jaws meet. And, of course, call us and we will assess the problem and recommend treatment options.
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