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Dry Mouth Sprays Can Help Improve Conditions in Your Mouth

Posted on 7/23/2020 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Dry Mouth Sprays Can Help Improve Conditions in Your MouthDry mouth, also called hyposalivation or xerostomia, is an oral health condition characterized by reduced salivary production. Those suffering from dry mouth often experience difficulty chewing, swallowing, and speaking clearly. Dry mouth also increases your chances of developing other oral health conditions like unhealthy gums, tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, and oral ulcers and infections. There are various ways to control the symptoms of xerostomia, such as drinking lots of water and eating crunchy foods that require stronger chewing forces and boost saliva production. In addition, dry mouth sprays can relieve dry mouth symptoms considerably.

What Are Dry Mouth Sprays?

Dry mouth sprays contain a saliva substitute. Although this synthetic saliva is not a perfect match to your own, it can perform the basic functions of natural saliva quite well. These sprays provide a protective layer of moisture over the tissues in your mouth and alleviate a feeling of dryness. The ingredients in these products differ, so it's important to always read each label for more details.

Benefits of Dry Mouth Sprays

One of the benefits of mouth sprays is that they are highly portable and can be used to rehydrate your mouth when water isn't handy. While crunching on certain healthy foods with high water content will help with saliva production, these foods take time to prepare when you're on the go. Reaching into your pocket or purse for a bottle of mouth spray takes less time than rinsing and cutting up apples and pears, or carrots and celery. Depending on the product, most sprays can be used as often as needed, but remember to always read the label.
Again, although dry mouth sprays can provide temporary relief, they are not a cure for dry mouth, nor are they a full-on substitute for your natural saliva. For long-term relief, it's important to drink plenty of water, eat foods that boost saliva production, avoid smoking, and limit your caffeine and alcohol intake. In addition, it's important to schedule a visit in our office to discuss other long-term solutions.
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