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Should I Be Worried About Craze Lines?

Posted on 11/9/2020 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Should I Be Worried About Craze Lines?Craze lines are vertical, hair-sized lines that appear on your teeth, typically after years of use. By their nature, they are superficial and cause no pain, and are not a base for more severe problems. The discovery of craze lines is not urgent and should only cause a cosmetic concern.

If you have a front-facing job working with the public, are a face or mouth model, or harbor other reasons to be concerned about your appearance, it may be useful to explore treatment options. Otherwise, there is no reason to worry.

Causes of Craze Lines

Craze lines happen with age and use, much like the tiny hairline fractures in old china. Teeth grinding, facial trauma, or regular, long-time nail-biting are other reasons for the onset of craze lines. Whether your craze lines appeared because of time, habit, or trauma, their evidence can be more pronounced because of staining.

Often, craze lines that appear on the front teeth are more apparent than ones at the back teeth and can seat stains from wine, coffee, or nicotine, making them more noticeable. The lines contrast against the light color of the tooth and look deeper than they are. Fortunately, craze lines are surface lines and do not penetrate beyond the enamel, regardless of how they look.

Treatments for Craze Lines

Craze lines are not the cause of pain or the source of cavities, but may cause one to be uncomfortable about their appearance. Treatments range from in-office whitening, to filling the fine lines with a composite resin, to covering the surface of your tooth with a veneer.

If you have lines on your teeth that concern you, give us a call. We can determine if yours are craze lines or deeper cracks and help you with the treatment that works best.

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