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Teeth Grinding Keeping You Up? Get A Night Mouthguard

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Teeth Grinding Keeping You Up? Get A Night MouthguardTeeth grinding occurs when you are asleep. The condition of teeth grinding occurs due to stress or a severe sleep disorder. To rectify teeth grinding it is recommended you connect with our professionals who will help you recover.

Impact Of Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding in medical terminology is called Bruxism. This condition, if not controlled on time, can cause tooth damage or even a fracture. However, consulting our dentists at the right time can help you get appropriate medical assistance and begin the line of treatment to treat this.

Many people don't realize that teeth grinding requires medical intervention. Controlling it can improve your sleep pattern and help maintain good oral health. Our dentists recommend night guards to people who grind their teeth. This is done to prevent further tooth damage.

Line Of Treatment For Teeth Grinding

Our dentists prescribe medications for relaxing the muscles in your jaw and mouth to prevent your teeth from grinding. Medications help you control teeth grinding and eventually resolve the issue.

Night mouthguards are dental guards used to create a barrier between the upper and lower teeth. Nightguards provide a cushioning layer to relax your jaw muscles. This relieves you from any kind of pain and protects the enamel of your teeth.

Night mouthguards adapt to the shape of your teeth and adjust easily in your mouth to prevent teeth grinding. Custom night guards are more durable and do not cause any discomfort while sleeping. While some individuals may need to wear night mouthguards for the rest of their lives, others may need a temporary solution to fix the problem. This can be determined based on the condition you suffer from.

To learn more about our custom night mouthguards, call our professionals today so they can determine the best solution for you.
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