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How Professional Dental Care Has Improved over the Last 10 Years

Posted on 3/22/2021 by Fern Creek Dentistry
How Professional Dental Care Has Improved over the Last 10 YearsOver the last decade, the dental profession has seen vast improvements and advancements in dental technologies. We can use these advancements to provide better ongoing care for our patients.

Some of the Dental Advancements

One of the major advancements in dental care has been the placement of implants. Implants are titanium posts that fuse with the bone and serve as replacements for natural tooth roots. Using implants, we can add restorations, such as fixed bridges, fixed dentures, and crowns. This type of advancement is good news for edentulous patients who do not want to deal with removable dentures. For example, the All-on-4 procedure allows us to place dentures fixed in the mouth and do not need to be removed for cleaning or placed with a denture adhesive.

Improvements in Whitening

At one time, in-office whitening often caused patients to avoid the service because of tooth sensitivity. However, today, that has changed, as we can apply whitening agents that contain substances that will prevent problems with dental sensitivity. We can also add veneers that do not require the removal of some of the tooth enamel. These veneers go by the brand name, Lumineers®. If you do not like the restorations, you can remove them at any time. These veneers are known as no-prep veneers.

Teeth-straightening Improvements

We have also advanced in the teeth-straightening options we provide. You no longer have to go around with a mouth full of metal when you receive orthodontic care. You can opt for solutions, such as aligner treatments like Invisalign, clear braces, lingual braces, and braces that do not require rubber bands for lining up the teeth.

We can provide you a full menu of advanced dental services. Why not call us today and arrange an appointment now? We can always book a time for you that is convenient and can accommodate your daily schedule.
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