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What To Expect From Cavity Fillings?

Posted on 3/8/2021 by Fern Creek Dentistry
What To Expect From Cavity Fillings?A cavity is a minor tooth decay that can cause severe discomfort. When ignored, the condition worsens and can result in a root canal or even tooth loss. Regular dental checkups help our professionals identify a cavity and fix it before it worsens. Before a cavity filling procedure begins, our professionals numb the teeth and gums to avoid any discomfort during the procedure.

We drill out the decay from the tooth and carefully replace it with a filling. This procedure takes a few minutes. Once the procedure is complete, your mouth will remain numb for few hours. We advise you to keep us informed about any queries or complications that you may face post the cavity filling procedure.

The most common dental procedure performed by our dentists is a cavity filling. On average, an adult will have at least one cavity during their lifetime.

Types Of Cavity Fillings

Our dentists offer a wide range of cavity fillings to suit different needs. Cavity fillings are used for strengthening your teeth and protecting their integrity. The 2 most popular fillings include Amalgam and Composite.

Amalgam fillings are the pioneers of cavity fillings. They are strong and are best suited for molars. These fillings help restore basic functionality such as chewing. They are however noticeable when a person smiles. This kind of filling may contain metal substances and are preferred for teeth that are not visible.

Composite fillings are used to match your tooth color. These filings are ideal to restore the aesthetic look of your teeth and are durable. These however are not as strong as amalgam fillings.

A cavity begins with slight discomfort in your tooth. If your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold beverages or food items, give us a call so we can take a look at your teeth.
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