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How to Avoid Sports Drinks While Still Staying Hydrated When Super Active

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Fern Creek Dentistry
How to Avoid Sports Drinks While Still Staying Hydrated When Super ActiveMost sports drinks contain different acids and sugars. Bacteria in your mouth feed off these acids and sugars to help them grow and penetrate your defenses. Many sports drinks also contain a percentage of alcohol that has a corrosive effect on your teeth. Prolonged exposure to alcohol causes damage to the enamel, making your teeth vulnerable to infection and sensitivity.

Leading an active lifestyle means you have decided to prioritize your well-being. To avoid problems that could come about due to consuming sports drinks, you can use chocolate milk, drinking water, and coconut water to keep yourself hydrated as you remain active.

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is an excellent alternative to sports drinks. It contains calcium, carbohydrates, and proteins that help repair your muscles. Chocolate milk does not contain acids that bacteria can feed off, neither does it contain alcohol that weakens your enamel. Its hydrating ability makes it one of the most popular and healthier alternatives to sports drinks.

Drinking Water

The importance of staying hydrated as you maintain an active lifestyle cannot be understated. Water remains the best solution to dehydration worldwide. Water helps your salivary glands to maintain a regular flow of saliva in the mouth. This regular flow is an effective way of fighting tooth and gum disease.

Coconut Water

Coconut water has proven to be one of the best alternatives to sports and energy drinks. Coconut water contains electrolytes and natural sugars that help to keep your energy levels high. It also has bacteria-fighting properties due to its alkaline composition.

Leading an active and healthy lifestyle takes a lot of effort. Since your dental health also contributes to your overall health, you must keep your teeth and gums healthy. Be sure to eat the right foods and drinks to keep your energy levels high while boosting your immune system. Try these alternatives today to realize the world of benefits they bring. Visit our offices for all your dental needs.
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