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What You Should Know About Sedation Dentistry

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Fern Creek Dentistry
What You Should Know About Sedation DentistryNumerous patients avoid going for medical checks because they fear they will feel pain during these dental procedures. However, you do not have to worry because sedation dentistry allows you to have a painless invasive procedure or tooth cleaning. Sedation dentistry entails ensuring patients relax and feel no pain during dental procedures with the help of medication. Patients are normally awake with exception of patients who are under anesthesia.

Sedation Levels

There are various levels of sedation depending on the severity of the dental procedure. The first level is minimal sedation where you are awake but completely relaxed. Moderate sedation allows you to speak but slur your words and also remember less about the dental procedure. There is the deep sedation where you are almost unconscious but you can respond when woken up. The last level is general anesthesia where you are unconscious and cannot feel or hear anything.

Types Of Sedation In Dentistry

There are numerous sedation types in dentistry. The first one is inhaling minimal sedation where you breathe nitrous oxide. The gas assists you to relax. This form of sedation wears off quickly and is the only form of sedation where you can drive after a dental procedure. Oral sedation is another type of sedation where you take a Halcion pill. The pill can offer minimal to moderate sedation and is usually taken an hour before the procedure. It is the most common type of sedation used in dentistry. There is also IV moderate sedation where you get a sedative drug to your body through the vein. This type works faster and is easy to moderate. General anesthesia is the final type of sedation where you are totally unconscious. Before waking you up, the effects of anesthesia must wear off.

Indeed sedation helps most patients overcome anxiety, fear and feel more comfortable and relaxed during the examinations. For more information about sedation dentistry, ensure you visit our offices today!

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