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Your Child's Smile and Stress

Posted on 5/23/2022 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Your Child's Smile and StressFor many years, we have been warned that depression and high blood pressure risks are increased because of stress. Did you ever think about how stress affects your smile? Do you know how stress affects the smile of your child? Stress-related dental problems affect children as well.

Cold and Canker Sores

Herpes simplex is the cause of cold sores. Canker sores are difficult to diagnose but may be related to infections, viruses, or a weakened immune system. Most likely, if you or your child tend to develop sores in your mouth, you know that stress tends to bring them on or prolong the healing process. Contact your physician for more information. You may receive advice from your health care provider regarding stress reduction exercises, diet, and medications.

Grinding Teeth

It is obvious that grinding your teeth is detrimental to your teeth. Enamel wear leads to loose teeth, and ultimately, tooth loss. Furthermore, there may be other problems occurring during this process, such as TMD, gum recession, and headaches. Your child should be treated sooner rather than later. if you notice that they grind their teeth. Stress is only one factor that can trigger or exacerbate bruxism. Other factors include malocclusions and medications for depression and anxiety. Your dentist can prescribe a device to protect your child's teeth and stabilize their jaw in the right position while they sleep. A few other treatments are available, including cognitive behavior therapy, relaxation therapy, mandibular advancement devices, and medication. Your child may grind their teeth when they are young.

Gum Disease, Oral Hygiene, and Diet

Stress can impair your capacity to combat plaque buildup, which can lead to gum disease. When youngsters are under a lot of stress, they may forget to clean and floss their teeth. When men and women are under stress, it is normal for them to consume more sugar and snack more frequently between meals.
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