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Implant-Support Prosthesis: What Are They

Posted on 5/9/2022 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Implant-Support Prosthesis: What Are TheyA prosthesis is a type of artificial body part that replaces a missing natural one. There are many different types of prostheses, including implant-support prostheses. This type of prosthesis is directly implanted into the bone. Read here to understand the benefits of implant-support prostheses and how they are used!

What Are Implant Support Prosthesis?

An implant support prosthesis, also known simply as an implant prosthesis, is a medical device used to replace missing teeth to help patients restore their ability to chew and speak normally. Implant prostheses are typically high-strength alloys explicitly designed to replace one or more individual missing teeth or even an entire arch of teeth. They can be made in several sizes and shapes, depending on each patient's specific needs and preferences. In addition to helping patients restore their ability to function normally, implant prostheses can also help improve the appearance of the smile by replacing unsightly gaps or missing teeth. Ultimately, an implant support prosthesis can be a precious tool for helping patients regain their dental health and confidence.

What Is the Process of Getting Implant Support Prosthesis?

Getting an implant-supported prosthesis is a multi-step procedure that involves several different specialists. First, a surgeon will evaluate the patient to determine whether the individual is a good candidate for implant-supported dentures. If they are, the surgeon will then perform any necessary oral surgeries to create space in the jawbone for the implants to be placed. These implants will then be fitted and attached to an abutment, a connector between the implant and an individual tooth prosthesis. The final step in this process is to have a dental technician create your new teeth based on the specifications provided by the dentist or surgeon. It can be a complex and involved procedure, but it can provide lasting results and improved quality of life with missing teeth or failing dentition.

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