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Common Misconceptions about Children's Teeth

Posted on 7/4/2022 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Common Misconceptions about Children's TeethAs a parent, you might be unsure of how to handle your babies' teeth due to the available misleading information about babies. Let us look at some misconceptions about babies' teeth, shall we?

Children's teeth will fall out eventually, so they are not important

Indeed, kids' teeth will fall out eventually, but they are still essential as they pave the way for adult teeth to grow. If not taken care of, they might form teeth cavities which will cause detrimental problems when permanent teeth grow as they might affect the gum, which then swells.

Kids should brush their teeth as soon as they are able

As a parent, you should lead your kid in brushing their teeth. Show them the techniques for proper oral hygiene. This will help them to learn how to take good care of their teeth as they age, thus giving them an excellent dental habit. It would help if you continued supervising kids by brushing and flossing until they are mature enough.

Toothbrush size doesn't matter.

Soft bristles are advisable for your child's dental hygiene. They should fit in their mouth well as they move them all over. Always provide a toothbrush that your kids are comfortable using to avoid damaging their gums early.

Kids don't need to visit a dentist for a checkup.

It's a good habit to instill in your kids when they are young regular dental checks up. It will ensure that their teeth grow well, as the dentist will follow up on their dental hygiene. In case of any issue concerning health, it will be detected in its early stages. You can introduce your kids to our dental clinic. We will journey with them on proper dental health.

Pacifiers are not suitable for your kids' teeth.

Pacifiers only damage your kids' teeth if they become a habit of being used for long periods. Ensure you limit your child's thumb sucking and pacifiers before age two. For more information regarding kiddies' teeth, consult us. We will clear out any unnecessary ideas.
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