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Learn How Teeth Grinding Will Affect Your Overall Health

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Learn How Teeth Grinding Will Affect Your Overall HealthAlso known as bruxism, the grinding of teeth is actually a medical condition that many people neglect, and it can have far-reaching consequences. Many people clench their teeth during the day or even when they are asleep at night without knowing. You can tell if you suffer from this condition if you experience symptoms such as neck pain, toothache, ear pain, general fatigue or a locked jaw.

Stress and anxiety are the most widespread cause of bruxism, along with the personality of the individual. People that are more competitive are more likely to have bruxism compared to people with more laid-back personalities. In many instances, the problems caused by bruxism tend to be minor and go away on their own once you quit the habit but can become more serious if you do not.

Damage to the teeth

It is quite predictable that grinding the teeth can cause damage to the teeth. The friction coupled with high pressure will grid down the teeth over time. If your habit persists for long enough that you chip away at the enamel or break the crown, you will have to contend with bacteria moving into your teeth causing decay.

Myofascial pain

This is a condition brought about when the flesh around your muscle becomes inflamed and irritated. Bruxism if left untreated will result in myofascial pain in your neck, head, face, and jaw area. This might manifest in a feeling of being stiff or experiencing sudden spasms. This can cause eating disorders as you will tend to avoid eating some foods or eating in general.

Sleep disorders

Bruxism does not just result in sleeping disorders, it is also regarded as a sleeping disorder itself. The prolonged grinding can disturb sleep or make it difficult for you to fall asleep. Bruxism has also been linked to sleep apnea, which is a disorder that blocks your intake of oxygen as you sleep. To learn more about bruxism and how to correct it, contact our team of professionals.
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