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Why Adults Do Not Want to Lose Teeth and What to Do About Them

Posted on 3/20/2020 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Why Adults Do Not Want to Lose Teeth and What to Do About ThemWhen you were a child, you probably lost quite a few teeth. Losing teeth as a child is natural. However, losing teeth as an adult is a serious problem. Losing a tooth as an adult means that your tooth isn't coming back. When an adult loses a tooth, it can create a few different problems for them.

Tooth loss in adults is dangerous because of jawbone density loss. Our teeth play a more important role in our jawbone than you think. When you lose a tooth, it's almost like losing a little part of your jaw. Your jawbone needs teeth in the correct places. Otherwise, it can start to lose density.

When a single tooth is lost, your jawbone will lose density because your body thinks it doesn't need that piece of the jaw. Our muscles work the same way. If we don't work out our muscles, they will deteriorate over time. Jawbone density loss can lead to a fragile jaw susceptible to breaks and other injuries.

What to Do to Prevent Density Loss

There are a couple different methods to save your jawbone after you've lost a tooth. However, there is only one method that can restore your jawbone to normal. We can use dental implants to save your jawbone. Dental implants are devices that screw into the jawbone. When we install dental implants, your body will think that a tooth is there. This can stop density loss. If you've already lost jawbone density, it may be necessary to complete a bone graft in addition to your dental implants.

Losing a tooth is no joke, which is why it's necessary to keep your teeth in good health. We can help you with a lost tooth or keeping your teeth clean. If you're interested in a cleaning or dental implants, please give us a call.
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