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How to Tell if You Brush Too Much?

Posted on 8/24/2020 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Brushing too much can cause as many problems as not brushing enough. But, thankfully, it's easy to identify early symptoms of problems arising from too much brushing. We've seen many patients with various degrees of dental problems caused by too much brushing restore their oral health and correct their improper brushing habits with great ease. But these are mostly people who report signs of damages earlier on. Those who brush too much for far too long usually become more vulnerable to serious dental issues including gum infection and tooth decay Signs that You are Brushing too Much You can brush too much when you frequently brush too long, too hard, with a hard-bristled brush, or with highly abrasive toothpaste. When you brush too much, you gradually wear off the outer layers of your teeth and gum. As a result, your teeth might become more sensitive to cold, hot or acidic food and drinks. Rather than enhance your smile, brushing too much can actually dull your teeth color as your enamel continues to wear off due to the highly abrasive effects of your improper brushing habits. Your gums might also recede as you continue to chip away at your gum tissues with excessive brushing. Your gums can also swell, bleed, or become irritated due to the abrasive effects of hard brushing on the soft outlining tissues of the gums. A frayed toothbrush is also another sign that you may be brushing too much. Normally, high-quality toothbrushes are supposed to last for as long as 3- 6 months before they're due for a change. But if your toothbrush becomes frayed and due for a replacement within just weeks, that's perhaps a sign that you're overusing the toothbrush. If you've noticed any of these signs, it's best to address them immediately to prevent them from snowballing into more complex dental problems. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment today!...

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