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You Should Always Brush Before Going to Bed
Posted on 2/20/2020 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Ok, how bad is it really if you fall asleep without brushing your teeth? Turns out, it's really NOT okay to do that, and here's why…. Here is What Happens When You Fall Asleep and Do Not Brush So, basically the answer to how bad is it to go to bed without brushing is apparently the equivalent of going to bed with a poopy diaper and EWWW…….. how can that be? Well, because every time you have a meal the bacteria that naturally reside in your mouth have a feast on the food that you eat. So, just like every other living organism and these bacteria excrete waste after a meal. This waste is highly acidic and breaks down tooth enamel causing root decay and cavities. Wait…it gets worse. The gums see plague buildup as an infection, so your immune system springs into action. By attacking that build up your body starts to destroy the healthy tissues that hold your teeth in place and making the gums begin to pull away from the tooth. Okay, you say, but is all this going to happen in just one night? No, but, one night starts a habit, and if you make a habit of not brushing and flossing before bed, this will absolutely happen over time. What Else Can I Do? What to do if you are absolutely too exhausted to brush before bed. Keep a toothbrush in the drawer of your nightstand and just do a quick dry brush while you are lying in bed – keep it clean and smelling fresh despite the lack of toothpaste. Also, keep a flossing stick in the drawer as well and just do a quick bite down on the floss.  But if it comes down to washing your face, changing into your pajamas, or brushing and flossing, you know what…take the two minutes and brush and floss you will save years of pain and literally probably even extend your life. We want to encourage you to call our office at any time to chat with us about how we can help you with any of your oral hygiene needs....

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