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Tooth Extraction
Statesville, NC

3D rendering of a tooth being extracted from a gumline at Fern Creek Dentistry.

What Is A Tooth Extraction?

In its simplest terms, an extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket and the jawbone. While your adult teeth are meant to stay in your mouth for a lifetime, there are some situations in which they need to be removed.

If you need to have one or more teeth extracted in Statesville, Fern Creek Dentistry can perform the procedure for you.

What is a Tooth Extraction Used for?

Tooth extractions are often used for removing teeth that are severely damaged or have a substantial amount of decay. They are recommended in situations where other restorative treatments are not possible.

These situations are not the only reason why you might need an extraction. Sometimes a very loose tooth needs to come out because there is not enough support for it.

You may need an extraction if you have extra teeth or if you need orthodontic treatment for correcting overcrowding. Sometimes, wisdom teeth need to be extracted because they are impacted.

Extractions may also be needed in the event of radiation treatment where teeth will be in the path of the treatment.

How Do You Determine if I Need an Extraction?

To determine if you need a tooth extracted, we perform a dental exam. During the exam, we assess the damage of the tooth in question. We also take digital x-rays. X-ray images will help us to determine what the root of the tooth looks like, as well as what the surrounding bone looks like. We will consider potential treatments, such as a filling or a crown. However, if the tooth is determined to be unsalvageable, we will then recommend an extraction.

Simple Vs. Surgical Tooth Extractions

If you need an extraction, we will then determine what type of extraction is best for you.

A simple extraction is one that can be done using little more than a local anesthetic. This type of extraction is typically recommended when there are no significant complications present.

Surgical extractions, however, are used in the event of more complicated situations. These types of extractions are more involved and require a surgical procedure to remove the tooth.

When is a Surgical Extraction Necessary?

While a simple extraction is often done in less complex situations, a surgical extraction may be required if the tooth is at risk for breaking during the procedure. Surgical extractions are also done in situations where the tooth is broken below the gums, the root tips are curved, and when you have impacted wisdom teeth.

What are the Benefits of a Tooth Extraction?

While saving damaged teeth is preferable, a tooth extraction does have its benefits. It helps to protect your oral health when you have a significantly damaged or decayed tooth, helping to prevent the risk of infection or other complications. Removing impacted wisdom teeth can help to alleviate pain and prevent issues such as tooth damage and overcrowding. If you have extra teeth or overcrowding, removing necessary teeth can be helpful for successful orthodontic treatment.

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When tooth extractions are recommended, this is because they are believed to be the best possible solution for restoring and protecting your oral health.

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