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How Old Must a Child Be to Use Normal Toothpaste?

Posted on 5/8/2023 by Fern Creek Dentistry
How Old Must a Child Be to Use Normal Toothpaste?Healthy foods are typically the first thing to mind when considering your child's health. However, pediatric care is equally essential because it ensures your child's dental health is properly looked after. Many children today develop dental cavities even before they join kindergarten.

This is why you should consider how to take care of your child's teeth to avoid frequent visits to the dentist. Brushing with toothpaste is one way your child's teeth and gums can develop well. But this is one thing that usually puzzles many parents as they are unsure when to begin using regular toothpaste on their kid's teeth.

When Is the Right Time to Use Toothpaste on Your Child's Teeth?

Parents can start brushing their children's teeth with regular toothpaste when they are 2 to 5. Toothpaste contains a substance known as fluoride, a natural mineral usually found in drinking water. This compound is essential in strengthening and promoting the health of your child's teeth.

The quantity of toothpaste you use is the most crucial factor. Smear a minimal amount of toothpaste on their brush and remind them to spit the paste after brushing their teeth. Also, monitor your children's oral hygiene routine to ensure they brush their teeth at the right time.

How to Help Your Child Brush

It is normal for children to hate bitter things; some toothpaste can make them hate brushing their teeth. It is your job to make brushing enjoyable and less stressful for kids. One way to do this is by rewarding better brushing habits, shopping for toothpaste, and making brushing part of the family routine. Almost all children learn from what their parents are doing. You can choose to brush your teeth together with your kids.

Also, do not forget to bring your kids for a dental checkup at our clinic. Our Pediatric dentist will provide more tips on introducing regular toothpaste to your child's brushing routine.
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