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Are Root Canals Safe and Do They Cause Cancer

Posted on 7/24/2023 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Are Root Canals Safe and Do They Cause CancerA root canal is a dental procedure where the dentist will remove infected pulp or abscess in your tooth. The infection in the pulp causes a lot of pain, but a root canal will relieve you of this pain. Removing the infected pulp also helps to avoid reinfection of the area and saves the tooth.

These days, a root canal is a simple procedure. It only lasts about one or two hours to complete. One of the major concerns about root canals is pain. However, your dentist will use anesthesia during the procedure to ensure that you do not experience any pain.

Root canals are one of the safest and most common dental procedures. However, during the past few years, a few claims have come up that root canals can be cancerous. Let's take a thorough analysis of this theory;

Are Root Canals Safe?

Yes, it is safe to get a root canal. Not only is it safe, but root canals have a success rate of up to ninety-eight percent.

Are Root Canals Cancerous?

No root canals do not cause cancer. There was a claim a few years back that surfaced, suggesting that root canal infections can lead to cancer in the affected jaw and tissues. However, there are no studies that support this claim.

As stated earlier, root canals are one of the safest dental procedures. In fact, there is no evidence that suggests that root canals can cause cancer. A recent study suggests that people who have an infection in their tooth and do not get a root canal are more at risk of head and neck cancer. Recent studies further claim that patients who have had a root canal treatment have a forty-five percent reduced chance of getting cancer.

Root Canal Complications

We cannot be oblivious to the fact that every dental procedure comes with a risk of something going wrong. Even though root canals cannot cause cancer, other complications can occur.

If the dentist does not completely remove the infection during the procedure and leaves bacteria behind, it can cause the root canal to fail. If you have an undetected crack in the tooth, then this can also cause a root canal to fail.

There are many myths and misconceptions about root canals. Therefore, it is important to not always believe everything you hear or read. Always consult with your dentist about any concerns that you may have. As much as academic credentials are important, it is important to get a dentist who has extensive experience with root canal therapy.
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