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Custom Mouth Guards vs. Store Mouth Guards

Posted on 4/12/2021 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Custom Mouth Guards vs. Store Mouth GuardsIf you have teeth grinding (Bruxism) condition, your dental care provider may recommend a mouth guard to protect your teeth and relieve symptoms. If worn correctly, a mouth guard can save you from tooth fractures, cracks, and other excruciating TMJ issues that typically lead to expensive dental treatments.

Mouth guards come in two versions: (i) custom mouth guards and (ii) store mouth guards. Read ahead if you want to learn more about both kinds of mouth guards.

Custom Mouth Guards

A dental care provider would typically suggest custom mouth guards over store versions for a plethora of reasons. Below are some benefits you can receive from a custom mouth guard:

•  Provides you the perfect fit due to its precise design.
•  Gives optimal comfort and safety thus you won’t have to worry about sudden movements or slipping.
•  They are made of durable and high-quality materials.
•  Custom mouth guards can last for up to ten years.
•  Thickness can be customized for people with severe TMJ or Bruxism.
•  Alleviates jaw strain and supports improved jaw muscle positioning.
•  Ensure the jaw is appropriately aligned.

Store Mouth Guards

Many people choose store mouth guards over custom made version due to their low costs. While the store versions may work for a day or two, they are not particularly designed for consistent Bruxism or longevity. Below are some things to consider before you decide to purchase store mouth guard:

•  They turn brittle quickly due to the plastic material.
•  Store mouth guards deteriorate faster than custom made versions.
•  Due to their universal size, slipping issues can emerge.
•  The fit is not very comfortable (usually very large) and can lead to sleep interruptions.

Bruxism and teeth grinding can be appropriately managed with the help of a well-fitted mouth guard. If you aren't sure which is the best option for you, reach out to Fern Creek Dentistry by scheduling a consultation at (704) 380-9555
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