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Could a Lip Piercing Damage Your Front Teeth?

Posted on 9/6/2021 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Could a Lip Piercing Damage Your Front Teeth?As dental professionals, we feel it is our obligation to advise you on the possible damage that a lip piercing could do to your front teeth. While we support your choice to modify your body as you wish, we want you to be aware of the possible consequences in your mouth as a result of piercing your lip. We want you to make decisions that both accentuate your body as well as benefit your oral health.

Lip Piercings and Your Front Teeth

If you get your lip pierced, you are choosing to place a piece of foreign metal in your mouth. This metal can cause problems, especially in the first few weeks after the piercing is placed in your lip. Bacteria likes to congregate around lip piercings, and it is not uncommon for the piercing to become infected. The metal can irritate the gum tissue and affect your teeth, including your front teeth.

Your front teeth can be in danger if you choose to pierce your lip. It is not hard to chip or scratch your front teeth if you have a lip piercing. Additionally, you could crack your front teeth if you involuntarily bite down on your lip piercing. We see patients who have knocked out fillings, displaced crowns, and damaged their braces due to lip jewelry.

Lastly, having your lip pieced can change your oral habits. Perhaps your form a new habitat of running your lip jewelry against your front teeth. You might like the sound of it at first, but you may also unknowingly wear away the enamel of your front teeth.

Beware of Oral Jewelry

It is important to make an educated decision about getting a lip piercing. If you are considering one, give us a call, and we can help you make the best decision for you and your oral health.

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