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Protein And Dental Health - How Do Both Relate?

Posted on 9/19/2022 by Fern Creek Dentistry
Protein And Dental Health - How Do Both Relate? Good dental health isn't just about avoiding cavities, it also involves caring for the tissues, mineral-based surfaces, fibers, and bone protecting the teeth and holding them firmly in the jaw. Your mouth needs to get an adequate amount of nutrition so that it remains strong and healthy. As such, good oral health should comprise whole nutrient-dense foods with low sugar and starch content. As a general rule of thumb, consider following the recommendations that the U.S. Department of Agriculture gives about nutritional requirements, including the recommended amounts of proteins, dairy, grains, vegetables, and fruits.

How Protein Impacts your Dental Health

Besides calcium, vitamin C and D, and certain fatty acids, dietary protein can help the teeth and jaw function properly for a long time. Protein helps repair tissue as well as bone. It is an essential element in bone mineral density (BMD). A person with healthy BMD has sufficient material in their bone to support the bodily structures and avert fractures and breaks. On the flip side, low BMD levels are associated with osteoporosis.

Poor dental health is often characterized by weakened periodontal ligaments, inflamed tissue, bone loss, and a weakened jaw. These aspects mimic the kind of damage arising from osteoporosis. As such scientists believe that there is a connection between BMD and deprived oral health.

How to Increase Protein Intake

If you increase the consumption of protein, you can improve your BMD. The more dietary protein you get in your body, the more support you get for the periodontal structure needed to ensure good dental health. Having said that, it is crucial to consider not just having increased dietary protein but consuming a diet featuring healthy, whole foods containing the other nutrients needed for your oral health, particularly calcium and vitamin D.

A healthy mouth is a healthy body. Get more information about oral health and foods that promote your dental health. Contact us today.

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